Gentle Processing in Salem and surrounding area

Pathways Counseling Service is my private practice where I have been seeing clients for over a decade. Prior to that I worked in mental health clinics, beginning in 1996. Many of my clients seeking services at Pathways Counseling Service report a combination of symptoms related to a mood disorder. Some of these circumstances may be caused by an unhappy situation at work, difficulties with a relationship, or fears related to a perceived lack of control. When life’s stressors become distorted, it’s not uncommon for depression and/or anxiety to develop Typically the negative lens of depression happens when one looks back on their life with regret whereas those flooded with apprehension while viewing their future suffer from some type of anxiety. It is not uncommon for those suffering from mental health problems to have a complex set of mental, biochemical, physical and perspective-based issues which compound one another. For this reason, I use a more holistic approach in order to create a treatment plan specifically geared towards the specific needs of each individual client. The following is a brief overview of many mental wellness therapies offered at Pathways Counseling Service.

Gentle Processing

Gentle Processing is a form of psychotherapy that I use primarily to resolve post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It allows traumatized victims to eliminate troubling thoughts and intrusive memories via neural and cognitive reprocessing.