Infidelity Counseling in Salem and surrounding area

In my private practice at Pathways Counseling Service, I am well-versed in issues pertaining to marriage, and divorce as well as the dynamics of couples. Matters In a world with so many stressors placed on an individual, the challenges of maintaining a healthy bond with another can create further strains between two people. The key is to determine if differences can be overcome by an exchange of ideas. My role is to facilitator a civil discussion in a safe and healing environment, giving an opportunity for both parties to express their concerns. Listed below are examples of services I provide in Salem when it pertains to relationship difficulties.


It seems that infidelity is becoming more and more commonplace with the hyper-sexualization that permeates our current zeitgeist. Given the ambiguity of sexting and realm of possibilities of Internet cyber connecting, intimacy takes on an entire new meaning. With the exposure of certain celebrities’ unquenchable appetites, the public’s recognition of a sexual addict has became legitimized. The question is how to define one’s own expectations in the context of a healthy relationship. My job is to further communication between partners while each defines needs and desires to give balance to a shared life. If you have been cheated on, are tempted to cheat, or have cheated on your partner Pathways Counseling Service can help you cope with betrayal, prevent a life-altering mistake, or deal with the guilt and ramifications that result from infidelity.