LGBT Counseling in Salem and surrounding area

In my private practice at Pathways Counseling Service, I am well-versed in issues pertaining to marriage, and divorce as well as the dynamics of couples. Matters In a world with so many stressors placed on an individual, the challenges of maintaining a healthy bond with another can create further strains between two people. The key is to determine if differences can be overcome by an exchange of ideas. My role is to facilitator a civil discussion in a safe and healing environment, giving an opportunity for both parties to express their concerns. Listed below are examples of services I provide in Salem when it pertains to relationship difficulties.

LGBT Counseling

Our world has grown leaps and bounds since the Stonewall riots in NYC on June 28th of 1969. The “legal” right of the police to arrest gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered has finally been shot down, especially with recognition of gay marriages under the 14th Amendment. Though our society has made these great strides forward, the LBGT population is like any other sector of the human race where conflicts can arise, whether this involve an individual or between partners. Problems in communication styles, disagreements over finances and different expressions for sexual intimacy are some of the major issues which can arise. It is with great satisfaction that I am able to serve and help the LGBT population as a therapist so that any problems can be resolved and all move forward as we’re meant to be.